DELHI UNITED CUP-2014 Inter-Academy Tournament

Academy will not only teach you football skills, team skills, anger management, you will receive a football career management program. We will evaluate you for your best football future. If you want to choose this game as your profession, we’ll make sure you maximise that opportunity as well.

You Will Become A Member Of Our Worldwide Community.

Once you enter our academy you become a part of our family. You will be invited back for reunion, special training. We are willing to join with you in developing your skills & talent in soccer.Through this cross fertilization, we seek to create football players who play at their peak level each time they enter the field.

A key component is our emphasis on the inner athletes. Our inner athlete emphasis will include the development of cross cultural communication strategies for our players. Additionally we will integrate the spirit, which is what really defines the peak performing athlete. Thus we focus on developing character or inner athlete spirit, in addition to the development of physical and mental skills.

The emphasis on the inner athlete will lead to Peak Performance. Peak Performance, through Football Mastery means making each practice one of skill enhancement.

How does a Football Master play the game?

They bring to the table Body + Mind + Spirit skill sets so they:

A) know how to play football well by constantly upgrading body skills;

B) understand mentally how to develop and follow a game plan and;

C) constantly work inwardly to develop the self esteem to play to their mental and physical capability.

Academy Playgrounds

Dwarka-PUSHPANJALI Near Sec-21 Metro station, New Delhi-110075, India


CWG Akshardham sports complex

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Delhi United Football Academy-Dwarka
Delhi United Football Academy-Dwarka


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